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  •  Pips_Paradise
Re: "WILD LIFE" Concert - Wed, Dec-8-2010
Insane Hikki Fan
Joined: 2009/6/8
A/S/L 18/F/London
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Even if this was not one of Utada?s best vocal performances, there are virtues to be enjoyed, the great and the good (Celebs) provided a full house of a faithful eager audience there to just saviour Utada?s presence and watch Utada be herself, enchanting, able to communicate something very special to her fans, my heart sank as there was something of a parting of the ways, a farewell of sorts, Utada is able to simply delight, those qualities came through in a ?breezy?, unaffected way, I loved ?Across the Universe? and ?Hymne a l?amour? and yearned for more French chansons, the encore a shimmering moment of emotional truth ......

Vocally, Utada the singer continues to offer a comprehensive back catalogue, welcome self penned songs that display a meaning that emphasise everything to do with serving a song rather than showing off a voice. ...I cried my eyes out at the end even with U-Streams fallibility ..... Utada has an entrancing stage presence, pure magic... an ending, even if Utada swears otherwise......
Posted on: 2011/1/5 7:17
  •  山本_passion
Re: "WILD LIFE" Concert - Wed, Dec-8-2010
Hikki Obsessed
Joined: 2010/1/18
A/S/L 15.
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so, I guess the wild life special site link is up on hikki's website now..but for some reason after logging in with the serial number when I click on a button it brings me back to the login page. So..yeah maybe it says "not ready yet" in japanese somewhere, but my japanese sucks so yeah

*Edit* nevermind I can go on links now..but i guess the special movie isn't up now?
Posted on: 2011/1/13 17:49
  •  kuromaguro
Re: "WILD LIFE" Concert - Wed, Dec-8-2010
Addicted to Hikki
Joined: 2009/7/26
A/S/L 19/M/London
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Oh, I got that at first too, but I that's because I used the serial number on the CD case itself. Instead, use the number that is on a paper inside the CD case which is used for participating the competition to the concerts, then there shouldn't be a problem.
Posted on: 2011/1/13 17:57
  •  kjazz
Re: "WILD LIFE" Concert - Wed, Dec-8-2010
Addicted to Hikki
Joined: 2010/1/19
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A bit late but I watched a download from asia torrents this week. Nice concert made for TV. Theatre stage in the round was interesting and lighting was great. It was a bit odd that the band members had their backs to the crowd except for the guitar player junko who walked around. It seemed OK when Hikaru was in the center with the band around her but when she walked around they just played with their backs to her too. I could not tell how they knew how to play together unless it was all in the ear monitors. They were spread out so much to fill the big stage. The crowd seemed a bit far but in that arena all the seats must have seemed close to her being in the center.

The stage had nice lighting and the video director had very good shots of Hikaru moving around. It made you feel you were there.

Yea I heard the maybe 2 off key notes and a strain for the high notes but overall the farewell concert was very good and the broadcast to fans is a great idea. There were a lot of ballads in the set. I'm satisfied as a fan and sad to have to see my fav artist take a break not knowing when she will come back. Time will tell.

The only real thing that bugged me was the cheap office paper clamp used on her outfit to hold her ear monitor wires on. It was a bit utility seeing that on the low cut bare back. It's all in the details.

I will miss the songs in her head not coming out while she is away.
i n _ t h e _ f l e s h _ s e a t t l e
Posted on: 2011/1/21 23:52
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