Topic Review?

Posted by LittleLovefool on 2004/5/25 11:37:11
EDIT: MOVED, yeah, this is more of a suggestion than an error

I don't know if this should go in the suggestions area, but I think it would be nice if, when we're posting, we could be able to see all the previous replies to the topic.

Re: Topic Review?

Posted by Q on 2004/5/26 1:09:06
Thanks for the suggestion... i will try to look into it for the future...
...but the way the forum is structured (nested), you are replying in reguards to an individual post... so it may be rather difficult to impliment

Re: Topic Review?

Posted by Kangrui on 2004/6/5 21:17:27
well... u can try threaded instead of tree
or am i talking about what u people are talking?

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