New Theme March 2009

Posted by seraphim on 2009/3/2 16:28:00
Hey Everyone,

So you may have noticed that I've thrown up a new theme as the default. It's nothing fancy but I thought a change in scenery would be nice for everyone. Please bare with us as we figure everything out and let us know if you see any issues come up.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions too! This theme might be temporary but it will most likely remain in your options for selecting (Mambo_Utada) which theme you use when you sign in.

Thanks all =)

seraphim on behalf of admin@UtadaNet

ETA: I realize the time at the top right has all these funny characters around it...we'll try to figure that out ASAP! Thanks for understanding =)

Re: New Theme March 2009

Posted by FunkyStrawberries on 2009/3/2 18:41:21
I love it!! Its nice, very clean and modern looking :]

Re: New Theme March 2009

Posted by soulhunter14 on 2009/3/2 18:43:12
I really love it. It looks more professional. Simple and clean :D

Re: New Theme March 2009

Posted by Unregistered on 2009/3/2 18:49:51
The old theme was getting a bit dated and was rather tiring to see almost everyday, I definitely like this new theme. It still seems pretty unfinished, but I like the overall theme's modern and minimal direction.

Re: New Theme March 2009

Posted by Macdan on 2009/3/2 18:52:28
i like this...

but i thought as i've entered the wrong website, but it can't be cos' i've set it to my homepage already...

Re: New Theme March 2009

Posted by SwallowTail on 2009/3/2 21:31:48
I like the new theme, but it would better if the navigation user friendly like the previous one. And it is a bit difficult for me to navigate this site trough cellphone i'm not always in front of PC

Re: New Theme March 2009

Posted by GIGAcorrupt on 2009/3/2 22:09:57
hhmm...I can grow to like this ^^

Re: New Theme March 2009

Posted by <3_UtadaHikaru_Aijin_<3 on 2009/3/2 22:44:30
love the new theme =D

u shoul add more colors to it tho =)

but other then that is great

Re: New Theme March 2009

Posted by roovette04 on 2009/3/2 23:21:22
i have a suggestion!.......... new layout!!!!! (well layout had some different meaning compared to 'themes')

Re: New Theme March 2009

Posted by S0ySauce on 2009/3/5 18:12:52
I am liking this theme. Really surprised to see this after being away forever. I like the banner. Really futuristic. (is that word?) Plus, the picture is soo much better. never did like the old one.

One thing though, can the fast reply please be added back?

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