'In The Flesh' - New York City! 8-Feb-2010

Posted by Q on 2009/11/11 19:16:20
Mon, 02/08/10 8pm
- The Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza, New York, NY
- On Sale 11/13/09

17 Irving Place 10003

Here is a place for discussion, planning, or reporting of your experiences after the performance!

Re: Utada 'In The Flesh' - New York City! 8-Feb-2010

Posted by magnus96 on 2009/11/11 19:30:49
Anyone know if there will be a presale?

Re: Utada

Posted by cutelilme on 2009/11/11 19:49:05
sadly i do not think there is a presale. the site has yet to release ticket prices either.. gosh i'm nervous about the price. i wonder how much of a hit my wallet will take >_< of course, no matter wut, hikki is worth it ^_^

Re: Utada

Posted by tokyosista on 2009/11/12 15:14:44
I just found out the news from a post on FB, and I'm so happy that it's finally happening. I'm anxious as well to know how much the tickets will be. :3

Re: Utada

Posted by ItsDaveyJ on 2009/11/12 17:18:45
I'm waiting up tonight to get tickets as soon as it turns 12. As long as the price is somewhat reasonable. Very exciting though!

Re: Utada

Posted by MaleficSaturn on 2009/11/12 17:26:54

ItsDaveyJ wrote:
I'm waiting up tonight to get tickets as soon as it turns 12. As long as the price is somewhat reasonable. Very exciting though!

Ye shouldn't! Tickets are going on sale at noon tomorrow, not midnight tonight.


Posted by cutelilme on 2009/11/12 17:49:26
^ oh but how i wish they were being released at midnight!


Posted by FunkyStrawberries on 2009/11/12 18:28:12
I actually think noon might be better, hopefully more people will be at work and school! Hahaha!

Re: Utada

Posted by ItsDaveyJ on 2009/11/12 19:31:02
Oh they aren't? XDD Thanks for telling me. Regardless I'll probably be up till midnight anyways =P

Re: Utada

Posted by TadakoXIII on 2009/11/13 0:29:35
OH MY GOD. I *HAVE* TO GO TO THIS. i don't care how pricey the tickets may be, i NEED to go !! ;___; i will totally CRY and go into emotional breakdown and life withdrawl if i don't. >____> /has had enough utada heartbreaks for the summer ;__;

blaaugh i hope the tickets aren't TOO expensive... i wonder if there's going to be assigned seating for if it's first come first served. sorry i totally havent read any of the previous comments in this thread. >A> /fail

oh my god. i think i'm more scared about the ticket purchasing because i'm afraid i won't get it in time... >___<;;; that would be horrible. this is like sniping on a highly wanted eBay item and waiting for the last three seconds to bid high. and still wondering if your bidding price is high enough. @____@

ffffffffffffffffffffffgfgfgfsjdgfaldfjkghlasgh'adfoh'dfgja;dfhadhafhhsfhku67kmhngjhdghkshgkstru6.... /having a breakdown already

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