'In The Flesh' - Chicago, IL! 2-Feb-2010

Posted by Q on 2009/11/11 19:56:49
Tuesday 02/02/10 at 8:00 PM
House of Blues Chicago
Chicago, IL
Public Sale 11/13/2009
Presale - NOW!

329 Dearborn 60610

Here is a place for discussion, planning, or reporting of your experiences after the performance!

Re: 'In The Flesh' - Chicago, IL! 2-Feb-2010

Posted by minmi on 2009/11/13 10:47:37
Just bought my ticket this morning!! Who else is going from the Chicagoland area?

Re: 'In The Flesh' - Chicago, IL! 2-Feb-2010

Posted by kotono on 2009/11/13 11:25:35
I am! Just purchased my tickets! I'm so excited and lucky to live so close. I'll be making shirts to for me and my friends that are going too.
So if you see people with the silhoutte of Utada from the Sephora promos, thats us!

Re: 'In The Flesh' - Chicago, IL! 2-Feb-2010

Posted by linari on 2009/11/14 0:10:35
I bought 2 tickets for me and (possibly if he can come) my BF!! I'm also dragging along 4 other friends who also love utada (all from Wisconsin) :D

Re: 'In The Flesh' - Chicago, IL! 2-Feb-2010

Posted by Justingac on 2009/11/14 0:14:21
I just now found this site, and I'm hating myself for it haha. I'll be there (Hopefully) I just hope tickets don't sell out by my next pay day =[.

I'll be coming from Milwaukee Wisconsin, ^_^


Posted by Q on 2009/11/17 6:12:17
Don t know if anyone else has been having this problem ... but the link to buy tickets on Livenation.com doesnt seem to be working ...
So here is the direct link to the House of Blues event page, it should then direct you to ticketmaster


Posted by utadafan2k1 on 2009/11/19 5:31:05
Bought 2 tix for me and my wife. Totally once in a lifetime opportunity. never thought I'd see the day! I've been to Japan multiple times, and she was never playing while I was there...but now I'm home, and she's coming! YES!

TITO is a good album, but if she doesn't do any Japanese songs, I hope she at least does Exodus.


Posted by chatmax on 2009/12/16 7:19:08
Chicago was my first choice since it's about a 2.5 hr direct flight from my hometown in Canada. But damn...no more Chicago tickets on ticketmaster. I want that Chicago Mix Popcorn at Garretts LOL. Got tickets for Vegas though!

Just got mine

Posted by sswx2187 on 2009/12/21 2:51:31
I just recieved my pair of tickets. I'm taking this girl I've been talking to a lot recently and I think I like her.. We've not had the chance to hang out so it should be a total blast! I've been posting all over the utada facebook for a while that she has to tour. Now that she is I wouldn't miss it for anything! Chicago is a wonderful city. As midwesterners, and some of us Chicagoans, we need to represent and show our love for Hikaru so if she does tour again she comes back. I'm also very curious to see what kind of a crowd shows up. Sorry for y'all 21 and under.. I'll be at the bar pregaming until she comes out at which point I'll be forcing the two of us as close as possible ;)

Two Tickets for Chicago

Posted by jrm68 on 2010/1/2 8:49:42
I bought 4 tickets but my friend flaked, so I have two extra tickets if anyone still needs them. I'm not trying to make money, I will sell them for the price I paid. PM if interested

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