'In The Flesh' posters.

Posted by draconx on 2010/4/16 2:06:49
hey, so I was wondering where there posters at all events??.. I went to see her in SF and I know there were some very lucky people to get one (I was unable to :( ) and I was at the Vegas show also but there was no posters at all.

if anyone has an extra one from SF would you wanna sell it?? ^_^.

- Shane Anderson

Re: In The Flesh posters.

Posted by Q on 2010/4/16 10:12:53
From what I understand,
It was only the SF show that had posters~ (because of the venue)

Re: In The Flesh posters.

Posted by draconx on 2010/4/16 16:30:07
hmm... well in that case i guess i should buy one. :)

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