Wild Life Ticket Auciton?!

Posted by lexus91 on 2010/11/21 19:40:52
Just wondering,, was checking my twitter just now and saw a_kikoo speaking about her ticket in yahoo auctions..

I've been browsing through them and see that some of the price are still reachable with only one day of auction left..

do you guys think it would be a good think if I try to get em through yahoo auctions? because i desperately want to go...
any ideas?

Re: Wild Life Ticket Auciton?!

Posted by Q on 2010/11/21 20:01:30
i got mine off yahoo auctions in 2006

Re: Wild Life Ticket Auciton?!

Posted by a_kikoo on 2010/11/21 20:16:41
this is what Hikki's dad tweeted

u3music 多分、難しいと。こちらも秘密兵器あり。t RT SKoichi @utadahikaru @hikki_staff @utadahikaru @u3music @hikki_staff ライブのチケットがヤフオクに沢山出てます。転売禁止になってたけどこれ買っても行けるんですかね?

Re: Wild Life Ticket Auciton?!

Posted by lexus91 on 2010/11/21 20:27:53
well i kinda desperately want to go.. not sure though.. my dad's friend is a tour leader and is away from japan currently so I have no idea.. I can't really understand the content of the sites because of the crappy translation provided by google..

where do you live? japan? so is it save to do transaction there? I'm still trying to get one though mr teruzane states it that way :p

Re: Wild Life Ticket Auciton?!

Posted by sokuri on 2010/11/23 0:40:11
I hate to say this but I wouldnt trust any auction site that is selling Utada tickets..The only reason I say this is because when I purchased my tickets there was a whole section about reselling/scalping and it said that doing such is strictly forbidden..It also said that in order to prevent this, all tickets would be issued with the purchaser's name and that you must have that person with you when you present your ticket at the door..So I'm assuming they are going to check ID at some point before the concert..I could have read the Japanese wrong but judging by what Utada's Dad tweeted, it looks like this could be the case

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