Resident Evil 4

Posted by tombraiderjmm on 2005/12/27 15:52:34
Yeah, I haven't really played yet since my cousin has been hogging it. But I've been watching and it's pretty cool. Not really scary like the others but you really got to move fast! Very cool indeed, what to you guys think?

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Posted by Lord Snow on 2005/12/28 17:21:21
Kicked the game's ass on all settings.

As a friend of mine once said, it's one of those "first-time" games. Everything you run into seems cool the first time.

*starts game*

WOW, laser sight on the guns!
WOW, you can make their heads explode!
WOW, chainsaw guy one hits me o.O
WOW, fighting in a rowboat with a harpoon!
WOW, fighting a LoTR reject!

etc, etc etc.

Everything, the first time you see it made me think, "okay, this is hands down the coolest thing. NO WAY that the game can throw out anything else that tops this coolness." Then they go and throw something out that makes you think, "okay, nvm, THIS is the coolest thing int he game. It can't get better than THIS."

I loved every minute of it my first and second times through, after that though, it was basically the same game.

Highlights had to be the many, MANY descriptive and individualized death scenes from every monster, notable enemies like the Chainsaw freak and the Wolverine in the castle. Memorable battles such as the cabin barricade scenario with Luis and THE SECOND LAST BOSS FIGHT (most epic FEELING battle I've ever played.), and just all around good fun.

If you've got questions and don't feel like combing through FAQs, you can ask me ^.^

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Posted by tombraiderjmm on 2005/12/29 18:44:26
Yeah it's been very cool. I want to play my cousin's game(he left his PS2 here and stuff), but he won't let me. I haven't seen the wolverine yet. We just passed the part with the little man who changed into the monster. I hate those guys with the chainsaw. They suck! I hate hate them. xP

Re: Resident Evil 4

Posted by Lord Snow on 2006/1/1 21:00:11
OH lordy....if you hate the NORMAL chainsaw villagers...

The "wolverines" will piss you off though they are pretty fun to fight...

the "iron maiden" type regenerators will REALLY be disturbing.

And in the mini game....Dr. Salvadore wields a double chainsaw XD


Re: Resident Evil 4

Posted by tombraiderjmm on 2006/1/2 2:35:26
Ugghhhh! You make me sad. D:

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Posted by Lord Snow on 2006/1/4 17:27:05
Pffft....just wait till you see them.

When "Dr. Salvadore" revs up his chainsaw and chases you nonstop through a level while everything else tries to kill you too.

The guy doesn't even flinch when you give him a shotgun blat to the face :P

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Posted by Hikaru175 on 2006/4/19 18:39:40
I finished it twice. Once in normal and another in professional. Now I have the Chicago Typewriter (For completeing Seperate Ways) and the P.R.L. 412 (For winning the game in prof. mode). Its fun! And the game just keeps giving...

Re: Resident Evil 4

Posted by Maulsy on 2006/5/14 16:00:41
AHHH!!! I love this game!!!!!
I can't handle it for to long cause I freak out, but it's so fuunnnnn.

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Posted by X_Utada_x_rocks_X on 2006/5/14 16:24:58

Maulsy wrote:
AHHH!!! I love this game!!!!!
I can't handle it for to long cause I freak out, but it's so fuunnnnn.

yeah its a real good game except the controlls... its really hard to move.

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Posted by Unregistered on 2006/5/17 19:13:44
i don thave this sgame yet.its alredy kind f old and i dont have it? very out of date.!

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