Posted by Be0wu1f on 2012/9/11 3:13:08
Who's all is getting this on ps3
lets have a DoA 5 mini tournament :)

Re: DOA 5

Posted by Nyaanyaa on 2012/9/11 12:53:30
1) I love the DOA games but I don't have a PS3 so I'm not gonna get it =/ Well, eventually I will though. What's your favorite characters? Single match I use Ayane mostly. Tag I use Ayane and Kasumi or Ayane and Hayate. I like all the characters, though, so I use them all a lot (just Ayane 10x more lol).

2) Vana'diel?? What serrrver arrre you frrrom? I'm Nyaanyaa, Mithra, RDM75/WHM75 from Midgardsormr (Quetzalcoatl now) but I haven't played in yearrrs nyaa~ ^..^

Re: DOA 5

Posted by Be0wu1f on 2012/9/11 15:17:10

but i have finally satiated my FFXI addiction.

I love Ayane Kokoro and Lei Fang.

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