The Utada Hikaru Project (for StepMania)

Posted by DDRDAIKENKAI on 2014/1/9 9:43:39

The Utada Hikaru Project

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As stated in my introduction post, Utada Hikaru is my favourite music artist of all time. Her music and her voice captivates the hearts and souls of millions, especially mine. You could say that I'm Addicted to Her. This project is simply a collection of simfiles with her as the artist from her entire discography (and a few remixes). The [primary] purpose of this pack is to expose more StepMania players (and just more people in general) to Utada Hikaru beyond Simple & Clean/Hikari and Sanctuary/Passion. I hope you have fun, enjoy, and Stay Gold.

All files have full single stepcharts, lyrics, and graphics. Some files contain videos. There is a file available for download with videos included and one without the background videos. Please let me know if you find any error in any file. This is my first large collection project of the sort.

The Utada Hikaru Project COMPLETE ZIP [672MB]
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The Utada Hikaru Project ZIP (NO VIDEOS) [124MB]
Download via Zenius-I-vanisher
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Download via MediaFire
Song listing (by album):
First Love
Another Chance
Automatic (V)
Movin' on without you (V)
Movin' on without you (Live Ver.) (V)

Addicted to You [UP-IN-HEAVEN MIX] (V)
Can You Keep a Secret? (V)
Distance (m-flo remix)
For You (V)
Time Limit (V)
Wait & See ~Risk~ (V)

Deep River
traveling (V)

Devil Inside (V)
Hotel Lobby (V)
You Make Me Want To Be A Man (V)

Ultra Blue
COLORS (Tai's Blue Illusion Radio Edit) (V)
Keep Tryin' (V)
One Night Magic (feat. Yamada Masashi)

Heart Station
Fight The Blues
Heart Station (V)
Kiss & Cry (V)
Prisoner of Love (V)
Stay Gold

This Is The One
Automatic Part II
Come Back To Me (V)
Come Back To Me (Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Radio Edit) (V)
Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence-FYI
On and On

Single Collection Vol. 2
Goodbye Happiness (V)
Show Me Love (Not a Dream) (V)


Special Thanks to:
elsupertai (Alonso Montero) - Soundcloud [COLORS (Tai's Blue Illusion Radio Edit)]
MASA TAMAKI - Soundcloud [Stay Gold (MASA TAMAKI D&B EDIT)]
and Utada Hikaru, of course.

Re: The Utada Hikaru Project (for StepMania)

Posted by Q on 2014/1/12 13:48:58
don't play stepmania myself, this sounds great!

Re: The Utada Hikaru Project (for StepMania)

Posted by Son_Takahani on 2014/1/19 4:06:22
Thanks, I went ahead and downloaded all 18 you posted so far after installing stepmania. I myself can't say I am an experience stepmania player, but I have seen it before and tried it on a friend's laptop so I know a bit about it already.

P.S. something I thought you should know; there seems to be some sort of flaw with the "Can You Keep a Secret-" zip file because when I open it in Windows File Explorer it says the folder is empty, but when I open it in WinRAR everything is where it's supposed to be. Also, when I extracted the folder from the zip via WinRAR it came up with an error log stating that extraction could not be done because the files were not there, yet it still extracted the files to where I wanted them to go. I don't know what the problem with it is, but I think it's something you should probably look into. My only guess would have to be the existence of the "?" in the containing folder, but I have no idea whether I'm right or not, it could be something completely different since. All other 17 are perfect without this problem though so no worries! ^-^

Thanks again for this stuff :D Btw, can't wait for "Wait and See ~Risk~", "Prisoner of Love", "Stay Gold", and "On and On" do get done XD

Re: The Utada Hikaru Project (for StepMania)

Posted by DDRDAIKENKAI on 2014/1/19 23:35:52
Thank you for letting me know! I'll get right to fixing it Try it now. I appreciate your looking forward to my files. On and On and Prisoner of Love should be coming out in the near future. Stay Gold, however, is gonna be the last file released. It just feels like a nice way to close the pack.

Re: The Utada Hikaru Project (for StepMania)

Posted by DDRDAIKENKAI on 2014/1/20 19:58:17
NEW [1/15/2014]:

(Click Banner to Download)

- 4 - 6 - 8

Usually I have a blurb of text giving brief info about the song (and I mean BRIEF), but I kinda get that it would be redundant posting it on a place that already knows everything I'm gonna say. So I'll just say I hope you enjoy!

Re: The Utada Hikaru Project (for StepMania)

Posted by Son_Takahani on 2014/1/21 21:10:12
looks like that fixed it man, it works perfectly now! :)

Also, if you have a facebook account here's the fb page for this site:

Re: The Utada Hikaru Project (for StepMania)

Posted by DDRDAIKENKAI on 2014/1/27 15:06:27
Cool! I asked to join. Thanks!

Two new files! [1/27/2014]

Hotel Lobby

- 3 - 5 - 8

Kiss & Cry

- 3 - 4 - 8

The bridge in Kiss & Cry borrows a bit from Hotel Lobby, hence why I coupled them. Have fun with them both!

Re: The Utada Hikaru Project (for StepMania)

Posted by DDRDAIKENKAI on 2014/1/28 16:51:10


- 1 - 2 - 4 - 6 - 8

Automatic Part II

- 3 - 5 - 7

Automatic was also featured in beatmania GB 2 GatchaMIX for the Game Boy Color. Being that this song was released around the time of DDR's debut, I decided to make the steps for Light - Heavy feel a bit more "Old-School", while Beginning and Challenge are stepcharts typical to what I normally deliver, with Beginner being a normal beginner chart and Challenge feeling a bit more like ITG (even though it's an 8).

Wait & See ~リスク~

- 3 - 5 - 9

On and On

- 3 - 5 - 8

Hope you enjoy them all!

Re: The Utada Hikaru Project (for StepMania)

Posted by Son_Takahani on 2014/2/1 0:33:35
hey man, I just tested them out and I only found problems with Wat & See ~Risk~: I took note that it did have a video file in the folder, but when I played the song in Stepmania the video never played, and I tested it twice. Also, the subtitles are a little slow.

The only other thing worth mentioning is that while playing Automatic it started to lag on me as soon as the video began playing, but that was only the first time. I simply quit it and started again and it worked just fine that time around, but I thought I should still mention it to you at least.

Thanks for doing all this btw :D

Re: The Utada Hikaru Project (for StepMania)

Posted by DDRDAIKENKAI on 2014/2/1 10:50:18
Thank you for letting me know any issues that may arise! I really appreciate it.

Wait and See should be fixed now. I'm not really sure what could be the problem with Automatic, however. But since you said the issue resolved itself it might have just had a moment lol.

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