Hikki Cover

Posted by Hikki07 on 2014/12/6 17:23:25
Hey everyone! I have a question. I want to do a Hikki cover for her 15th anniversary, but I don't understand the rules on the website and how to upload it. I was wondering if someone could help. Thanks!





②「#uh_15th_mv」をつけて Instagram に投稿

③ YouTubeから動画をアップロードし、タグ欄に「#uh_15th_mv」を設定



The link below with all the rules:


Re: Hikki Cover

Posted by Anime_Manga_Freak_Hideaki on 2015/1/12 8:13:47
From the Japanese I barely know I think it is just telling you to upload it to instagram and maybe the website and hastag it? I hope you figured it out by now since the deadline is coming up.

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