Re: Lonely One - Nariaki Obukuro

Posted by Momocatluv on 2018/1/25 21:50:59
I love the song also!<3
The day it was released,I kept on listening it over and over again:)
Somehow Hikki’s vocals remind me of “UTADA”(under her American given artist name) probably because of the r&b influences haha

Couldn’t find much but,there is a forum about this song that someone posted on onehallyu,you can check that out! Link->

Also on the last page of popjustice. Link->

Lonely One - Nariaki Obukuro

Posted by Elijah on 2018/1/25 20:46:44
I would like to know if there is any fan site or review site reviewing this song. I pretty much like it. I can't learn it by heart because the melodies are so complex but I:my on my way to learn it. I love the RnB sound it has and the last part of the song breaks my heart.

Thank you very much for your reply(ies).


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