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  Why do you think Utada's sales are declining?


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Why do you think Utada's sales are declining?
Hikki Fanatic
Joined: 2006/8/11
A/S/L 23/M/ Philadelphia, PA USA
Posts: 108
Well hello hikki fans iv been a member here for a long time but have not gotten around do a post so here it is. WHy do you think hikki's sales are declining? well i think that its because shes like totally changed her way of writting songs like now her songs are moreadult and meaningful and she hasent been making music for a long time like she only came out with a little bit of singles for a ;ong period of time plus everybody is buying it digitally. And i wish so musch that she comes out with a new single soon ir she goes on tour in america like i totally had a dream that she was doing a american tour and i won a contest where i could go on here tour bus and talk to her. and when i wnt on the bus she like had her pajamas on and she had like a asian dragon pattern on her couch and she had pajama paints on the couch behind the pillow like she was hiding it it was weird but i wish it would come true so please answer this post ok bye

- from eric
Posted on: 2006/11/7 12:18
Re: Why do you think Utada's sales are declining?
Insane Hikki Fan
Joined: 2006/10/9
A/S/L 17/F/Singapore
Posts: 2267
if it is declinin i tink tere is still competitive in the market sale..
Posted on: 2006/11/7 21:18
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