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  Utada Singing Contest!! COME JOIN~! <3


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Utada Singing Contest!! COME JOIN~! <3
UtadaNet Newbie
Joined: 2007/2/1
Posts: 2
So I was listening to Utada's music and I thought "i wish i could sing it" but im not really a good singer ^^; So that's why I would like to hear everyone else sing it and have fun in a contest!! Boys and Girls alike are welcome! And.. as the winner you get a singing ICON prize! :D (with ur sn on it so u can proudly display it on ur signature!) hehe

So anyway, I hope you will participate
and try your best~! :D

<b>Rules for Contestants:</b>
1) Must sing an Utada song
2) Must meet the deadline which is
ONE WEEK from whenever ALL the contestant
slots are filled.
3) Must be courteous to others in this topic.
4) Track must include the song only.
Any extra content will be not be included
in the judging process.

<b>Rules for Judges:</b>
1) Must judge fairly with no biases
2) Must listen to each submission fully
3) Must be active in topic and reply to
submissions through comments at least 3 days after submissions come in.
4) Criticism shall not include hateful
or derogatory words (flaming).

Now.. what we're lookin' for here are 5 contestants and 3 judges.

<b>To be a contestant:</b>
--add your name in one of these 5 slots and repost list--

<b>To be a judge:</b>
--add your name in one of these 3 slots and repost list--

*When all of the slots are filled in, a post will appear confirming who is participating. If a person wishes to discontinue their participation, the slot will remain empty for the duration of the contest. NOT the same goes with judges.. there must be three. PMs will be sent to invite people to be judges if this is the case.

Judging System Details:
Judges will PM each other and come to a decision of the 1,2 and 3rd place winners in 2 weeks after all contestant slots are filled. Also, please PM me (tsuki_no_uta) so I can officially announce the winner and give the ICON prize. :D
Any questions you have PM them to me!

Contestant System Details:
Contestant may use YOUSENDIT.COM or MEGAUPLOAD.COM or SENDSPACE to upload files. If there is any other option you would like to use, pls PM me and i will try it out first.
Any questions you have PM them to me!

<b>so with all of that said... let's get this baby rollin'!!! :DDD GOOD LUCK~!</b>
Posted on: 2007/2/1 22:45
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