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Poster Thread
Joined: 2004/3/2
A/S/L 23/f/CDN
Posts: 328
Hey guys~

Thanks for coming to UtadaNet.com! We hope to build up a great community here of Utada fans from all over the world^^
Uniting Utada fans across the globe
The purpose of our site! And of course, providing everyone with information, images, and news on our all-time-favourite artist...UTADA!!

Anyways...enjoy your stay^^ We've just opened so there are still a lot of things to fix here and there...Please be patient with us and you can help us out by just pm-ing one of the admins (Q, seraphim, be0wulf, or LordSnow) and we'll try and fix the problems or get back to you ASAP!

Look forward to lots of updates here on the site. We hope to get some new themes up (once we figure out how to code them XD) and of course, we'll be constantly updating our UTADA database! We'll also have a variety of contests here! Once we build up a larger network and community, we'll be announcing those so get your friends and all known Utada fans over here!

Thanks for your support guys! Have fun!! ^.^

Posted on: 2004/5/22 23:06
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