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  Hikki, Tetris, and a Hikki Hater


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Hikki, Tetris, and a Hikki Hater
Hikki Fanatic
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Read this article and the comments:


There is one hikki hater in here. Although, I don't think this person is part of the hikki-haters gang referred to in another post.

When I saw this, I was like "WHAT?!!??!" I was surprised.

But still, Hikki KICKS BUTT IN TETRIS! I wanna play against her one day...lol. but I don't have a ds...wahh! lol Just kidding.
\(^o^)/ KEEP TRYIN' TRYIN'!! This is Love. This is Love \(^o^)/
Posted on: 2007/4/19 18:50
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