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Re: New Avatar ^^v
Insane Hikki Fan
Joined: 2009/6/8
A/S/L 18/F/London
Posts: 1285
I can?t make head or tail of...

I quote :?back then, avatar changes were the first saturday of each month, regardless of post count..if you were on then change away..couple of users always complained about not being able to log in that very day..so plan well guys and girls..if all else fails, you can always send Q a pm and ask yourself..she wont bite, just ask politely and she'll respond in the same manner..i want to change mine again as well, but not sure when she plans on re-opening the window?...Kayoko..

Swallowtail: Ava time, maybe its about time. Its been a while, but uhmm this time this site quite busy with Utada thingy. Q sound busy. Anyway Kayoko, Q were female i thought Q were male XD.....

Val I would like to present my own avatar too..aka Giga.... So we have to ask Q permission?

Val as you mentioned about Q gender, and you know how I do not like to talk behind members backs. ...I am completely lost, dazed and confused... Kayoko, Winston are gezzers! blokes , guys yes ?... bad breath and BO...both are a tad ?confused?, the accidental placement of a false eyelash and glamour wig (Kayoko), and tutu?s and tight?s, olive green groves and the polka-dotted spaghetti strap party dress (Winston)... the chick drinks, lemonades and Smirnoff Ice's, Lime Margarita, Strawberry Daquari?s...

my Mother first rule for spotting ?lady? men ........?Philipa?, Mum Says ?the truth is in the fruit?... Coconuts, Banana, Pineapple, Passion fruit, Pomegranate, Watermelon, Custard apple (Yes Kayoko likes Custard Apple,in abundance on, over, around, and hanging off his tall boy tumbler and is reportedly been clocked carrying his own personal Mister Mojito Massive Master Muddler kit.... he told me in confidence so please don?t pass this around .....

Kayoko: ?Philipa I am a big boy!... you will be really impressed with my Mr Mojito Master Muddler! It can crush my cocktail ingredients with ease and utilises an extra long muddler...and Pips I periodically apply mineral oil to keep my wood supple, and am known for my best practice muddler maintenance...and you should see my roll ?n? pour jigger measure... I just fill it up to the brim and turn the arms to tips the bowl over?...

I know both look up to you both as a father figure, and mod ..so...

For Winston can I suggest ... http://www.recoverycounselling.on.ca/

And for Kayoko: ?Reconnecting the head with the body?..it is difficult to pin point the source...a glancing local blow to the head maybe?...



And Val we will keep this to ourselves yes ...Cheers !!..
Philipa xx
Posted on: 2010/1/25 5:36
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