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  Post Utada most revealing and sexy pics!!


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Re: Post Utada most revealing and sexy pics!!
Hikki Fanatic
Joined: 2007/8/7
A/S/L 16/M/UK
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you haven't so I won't!

Posted on: 2007/8/17 15:28
  •  Lord Snow
      Lord Snow
Re: Post Utada most revealing and sexy pics!!
Joined: 2004/3/4
Posts: 395
Things to keep in mind:

1) Different people like/love/stalk/worship dear Hikaru in different ways. Your way is not BETTER or WORSE than my way. Keep it legal and I'm fine with it. Keep the boards PG rated and again, I'm fine with it.

2) Yvliew was ENCOURAGED in his first few posts by people who turned around and suddenly joined the bandwagon saying that he was a perv. We all have different value systems, this is fine, but please, stick to your convictions. Nobody likes a hypocrite.

3) I don't believe it to be particularly disrespectful to enjoy revealing and sexy pictures of someone. The majority of you seemed to automatically assume that since he lusted after her some, he must only want her for her body, which is, admittedly, fairly delicious. Who are YOU to say that he's not as avid a fan of her as you are? What if he loves her music too? What if his preference for her just happens to run a little more towards her looks than her voice than yours does? Is this somehow wrong?

4) Grow up. Men will lust after women. Unless you haven't hit puberty yet....or are gay, then I suppose that you'll lust after men. This is a F A C T. What if Hikaru appeared to you one day and said she was desperately lonely and wanted to sleep with you (pertaining to the males of the board only, unless of course you're a lesbian, then by all means...)? Would you refuse? What if she asked you every night for years? Would you keep refusing?

Until the day comes when you can convince me that you would ALWAYS say no, no matter what the situation, I find it hard to believe that you would judge someone else for saying yes.

Cast the first stone why don't you?

Again, nobody likes a hypocrite.

This thread however, HAS been severely derailed from it's track and will be closed.

Should Yvliew create a second topic along the same lines? If he perhaps LINKS the pictures instead of posting them onto the board so that people who find it offensive don't have to bother looking at them? As long as the thread stays on track, THAT one will remain open.

And a final note, yes, the admins are sort of....well, sporadic would be a good word for it. Even so, you all know the rules, and common sense dictates most of them. Stick by them.

I can't speak for the other admins, but Iam most definately not at your beck and call. Kindly refrain from demanding things to be done. I'm on the boards as I can be and will try to get around to things in waves rather than on a 24/7 watch.

Thank you.
Posted on: 2007/8/19 14:58
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