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Utada Musical Stylings, Creativity, Influences
Hikki Obsessed
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Utada does a great job with experimental or postmodern music, so I was tempted to vote for that. But I like her child's nature as expressed in her children's music, and her ballads and the rest. But I could not resist the songs named as Pop songs, because they really are great, so I voted for Pop. Utada and her musical ensembles have great range. Utada has manifold creativity, fecundity, propagation possibilities. Prolificly productive, she is: the 'hardest working woman in show business' I call her (the heiress of James Brown, 'hardest working man in show business.') From the way she describes her work, it comes to her relatively easily and effortlessly. I mean, she works at it, but happily so. She 'becomes her work' and it becomes her. I like everything she does. Her attractiveness is quite peculiar, the more I think about it and try to analyze it. I mean, it is both her and her music as factors. I hope she can protect and defend herself, at the same time as she makes herself available to us, her audiences. I trust her parents know how to manage her career. I hope Utada trusts them in guiding her. I would like to see her do a duet with her Mother someday. That idea has been bouncing around in my head recently, I even imagine sometimes that her Mom sings some of her soundtracks. I should post this idea in the "Who would you like to see Utada collaborate with?" string, but there you go, I put it here. Microsoft just crashed this Mozilla FireFox Browser I use for the umpteenth time, but look here, the whole post, including my text, was recovered. Hooray!
Posted on: 2008/2/18 18:41
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