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  [SC] New song I wrote "Around the World" + More


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[SC] New song I wrote "Around the World" + More
Addicted to Hikki
Joined: 2008/4/3
A/S/L 17, Male, Toronto, Canada
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Around the World: PLAY LO-FI PLAY HI-FI

Music & Lyrics: Me

Here's my facebook page if any of you wanna check it out or become a fan...or find me and become my friend :D
And here's an event I put together for artists ~around the world~

Posted on: 2008/4/11 9:48
  •  Hikki4ever119
Re: [SC] New song I wrote "Around the World" + More
Hikki Obsessed
Joined: 2008/3/20
A/S/L 14/F/Philippines
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ohh its nice
宇多田 ヒカル
Posted on: 2008/4/11 13:36
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