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  •  Macdan
Re: Dreaming of Hikki
Insane Hikki Fan
Joined: 2008/7/19
A/S/L M/ Singapore
Posts: 1050
I was having this weird dream earlier on, i was back to the age when i was sixteen, in the school's hall and the video of Budokan 2004 - first love was playing and keep repeating... hahaha... then i remember there was this book about the concert, i borrowed from my friend and kept in my school bag, it was so heavy that i couldn't move... i kept thinking that i want to hold the book about Budokan 2004 in my hands, but was afraid that i was rob of the book, and i woke up..
Posted on: 2009/1/26 19:19
  •  Josh_Shing
Re: Dreaming of Hikki
Hikki Obsessed
Joined: 2008/6/21
A/S/L 19/M/Washington
Posts: 828
I had a dream while back where i was Utada's bodyguard. Me, and about 7 other bodyguards excluding me, and hikki were riding in a limousine and hikaru was cracking jokes. I was doing my best to remain composed since i'm a bodyguard, but whatever she said (can't remember) made me chuckle. From what i remember, she was promoting her new album.


I also noticed we were in new york. When it was time to escort hikki to the stage, all the bodyguards including me made an octogon formation around her. It was so intense... In my mind i was like "Welcome! Queen Utada!!"

At the end of the show, there were some people that LOVED it, and there were some that were inbetween impressed and confused that a full asian singer sang so well and that her music was so meaningful...

We got back into the car and hikki was pretty happy that she got some good cheers from the crowd. And then she grabbed a drink

That was the end of my dream cuz then i woke up to my stereo alarm after she grabbed the drink.. I would LOVE to be Utada Hikaru's bodyguard...
"Do what you want and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." ~Anonymous
Posted on: 2009/1/26 21:37
  •  <3_UtadaHikaru_Aijin_<3
Re: Dreaming of Hikki
Show Off!
Joined: 2007/7/24
A/S/L 17/M/Cal
Posts: 8413
wat a awesome dream you have josh
Posted on: 2009/1/26 23:19
  •  SwallowTail
Re: Dreaming of Hikki
Joined: 2008/6/13
A/S/L ∞ / M / Indonesia
Posts: 3286
dude macdan and josh share your dream man i'm not having any hikki dream but those dream were sweet man
Posted on: 2009/1/27 5:43
  •  cutelilme
Re: Dreaming of Hikki
Hikki Obsessed
Joined: 2008/12/8
A/S/L 18/F/NYC =)
Posts: 352
i had a dream about hikki last night!!!! we were the best of friends and were hanging out in front of my house taking goofy pictures together and having tons of fun!! it was so cool just hanging out with her and stuff..... too bad i cant do that in real life though lol
Posted on: 2009/5/14 15:55
Re: Dreaming of Hikki
Hikki Fanatic
Joined: 2009/5/10
A/S/L 00/F/CityofWonder
Posts: 103
ooh! O.o
this is a nice topic =) imma share mine...

my latest dream about hikki happened the night before This Is The One's physical release.

so in my dream, i hurried down to the FYE store late at night, and this dream also happened the night before the release of TITO... the mall was already closed but i still got inside.. (idk why) there's only little light in the mall and the atmosphere felt "stuffy"... I saw a janitor in front of FYE sweeping dust on the floor... I asked if she knows about Utada and she said yes.. she took me inside the FYE store and saw lots of Hikki's promo posters... we chatted about hikki for while... when i was about to take pictures of the posters (to maybe post here on utadanet), SNOOP DOGG suddenly showed up! he introduced himself, we shaked hands and we both stared blankly at the promo posters... i asked if he heard about hikki and then he said she's quite amazing..(paraphrased, can't remember what he exactly said lol) when he left, i started to unknowingly "steal" one of the big posters that hung up in the store.. the janitor doesn't seem to care.. so I went on detaching the staples.. lol THEN I WOKE UP! i felt bummed @ first coz i didn't have the poster in real life...

yup, that's it.. hikki and snoop dogg in one dream..
i think i got snoop dogg in my dream maybe because hikki mentioned one time that she liked "sensual seduction" by snoop dogg... and i liked it too..
Do I have to?
Posted on: 2009/5/14 18:04
  •  Hikki101
Re: Dreaming of Hikki
Hikki Obsessed
Joined: 2009/2/20
A/S/L 17/ M/ Bangkok
Posts: 387
U guys are so lucky to have dreams about Hikki.
I NEVER have them, no matter how hard I try.I close my eyes and try to think of her, that never works. I hope someday I'll have a dream about Hikaru too *fingers-crossed*
Posted on: 2009/5/15 6:16
  •  xO1000wordsxO
Re: Dreaming of Hikki
UtadaNet Regular
Joined: 2009/3/27
Posts: 32
hmm not really, I did have a dream that I married Ryohei Chiba from w-inds when i was like 12. Other then that I don't really dream about celebrities.
Posted on: 2009/5/15 17:36
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