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Seeking Help with an Utada-related Project
UtadaNet Newbie
Joined: 2008/5/19
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Hey guys! I'm new here but I know that this is a pretty well-established Utada community so I'm gonna post this here...

A few weeks ago a friend and I decided to start a little project and now we've decided to extend what we're trying to do with it to a bigger scale... I'd like to keep exactly what it is under wraps until it's completely finished, but I'm going to need some help with it because a bit of what needs to be done exceeds my audio-editing ability!

Here's the low-down:
-I need someone who can make decent to excellent karaoke tracks. All I've got is Goldwave and the vocals are still quite audible with the 'simple cancellation' feature. Preferably, the karaoke tracks would not sound static or lack in bass or other instruments that sometimes are removed along with the vocals.

-I need someone who can make vocals recorded with a microphone sound rather smooth. Basically I need the somewhat muffled background noise removed from sound recorded with a computer mic.

-I need a someone who would be willing to do a remix of a song.

-I'll need a graphic editor too! Almost forgot.

That's it. It's basically going to be a first-come, first-serve basis.

Anyone who wants to participate can reply to this thread, message me, or add me on AIM (amorphose) or MSN (amorphose@gmail.com)

Participants will be told the full information on the project once they tell me that they want to help out. All who participate WILL be credited when the project is completed.

I definitely think the forum will enjoy what I have in store, so the sooner I get the help I need the sooner everyone will get to know what's going on!

Posted on: 2008/5/19 16:11
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