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  Crystal Utada OFFICIALY open!!!!!+contest


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Crystal Utada OFFICIALY open!!!!!+contest
Addicted to Hikki
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My website that I have been asling for help with fot so long is now open! come on over
plus we have launched our first contest

"Ok guys, how this works is a "Button link is the image links you find on many websites who link to web pages. some examples can be found on http://www.crystal-utada.net/index2.php?page=links
but uh oh! Crystal Utada does not have a fancy button link to give to sites we link to!
Thats where you guys come in! The contest works like this you guys create a button link for Crystal Utada and the winning entry becomes the official button we hand out to sites who link with us!This means your button will be seen and clicked on by many people on the net everyday!

Contest starts now and runs till August 15th

send all entries to staff@crystal-utada.net"
Posted on: 2008/7/24 15:41
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