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  MEG - BEAUTIFUL (New Album) (Release 5.27.09)


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Re: MEG - BEAUTIFUL (New Album) (Release 5.27.09)
IDK there's a post like this here in UtadaNet. :)

Well I'm a fan of MEG too! ^^ My favorite songs of hers are mostly under the ones under Nakata's production. My fave albums of hers are STEP, BEAM and MAVERICK. I don't like BEAUTIFUL that much because it really sounds experimental and hard to listen, but still getting along listening to this album.

Anyway, she has a new album coming October 3rd (which is also her birthday) entitled WEAR I AM. Though Nakata doesn't fully produced this upcoming album, it has one track entitled REPLICA with MEG on the lyrics; the music, arrangement and production by Nakata.
Posted on: 2012/9/7 6:31
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