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This Week's SINternet.com Utada mentions
Hikki Obsessed
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Utada's maintained a presence on radio industry news source SIN entertainment since she was one of their featured artists a few weeks ago. Here's what they have about her this week:

- "Vinny the Sin" in the Vitamin V video segment says he "love(s) this Utada record" and names a few IDJ execs for doing "a great job" in promoting her. He says "Don't sleep on that."

- In the "Saints and Sinners" section programmers Ian Richards and Clay Church (who were their "Programmers of the Week" last time) are cited for "leading the way on Utada."

- "Come Back to Me" is included on SIN's New Music Program #8. Their write-up for it includes: "Leading the way at Rhythm is KDDB?s Ryan Sean with 50+ spins and Top 10 rotation. KSMB?s Bobby Novasad has jumped on board this week with 20+ spins at Pop."

- A full-page ad for "Come Back to Me" is in the SIN newsletter.

- The "Usual Suspects" section has various radio station programmer comments on new records. Here's what they have to say about "Come Back to Me":

TOM CALOCOCCI - WPOW Miami: "Like it."
JD GARFIELD - WJQM Madison: "Good requests." (Is this us? Haha!)
NATHAN REED - WVKS Toledo: "Good song."
CINDY HILL - KPTY Houston: "A natural for KKSS in Albuquerque." (What? lol)
DJ LOPEZ - KKSS Albuquerque: "Short stack."
NICK ELLIOTT - KWYL Reno: "In rotation."
CAT THOMAS - KLUC Las Vegas: "Short stack."
J.B. KING - KLUC Las Vegas: "Like it, short stack."
HITMAN HAZE - KHTS San Diego: "Short stack."
BIG BEAR KCAQ Ventura: "In the battle."

(I'm not sure what the various "short stack" comments are supposed to mean; it sounds like a poker reference, but rest assured that the section is to highlight songs they like and all the comments are positive)
Posted on: 2009/3/2 1:57
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