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  Utada Message....after Sephora nyc march 25th


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  •  Hikki101
Re: Utada Message....after Sephora nyc march 25th
Hikki Obsessed
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scott_o_k wrote:

<3_UtadaHikaru_Aijin_<3 wrote:
umm actually she likes both of the places the same cuz she grow up and both NYC and Tokyo, but i bet she likes tokyo more cuz she get to down town to shop and stuff lolz

Exceeeepppt we have Utada herself documented on video saying straight up she liked living in New York more...

(I mean it's not a big deal but I'm honestly a little stunned how shamelessly you ignored that bit of info)

Hahaha! Nice point out of mistake,scott_o_k. But yeah Hikki did say she liked NYC more...
Posted on: 2009/3/30 2:58
  •  <3_UtadaHikaru_Aijin_<3
Re: Utada Message....after Sephora nyc march 25th
Show Off!
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well that don't really matter lolz

she likes to live in tokyo and NYC the same, she just live in Tokyo most of her life, she likes both the place the same cuz both of them is her hometown after all
Posted on: 2009/3/30 22:53
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