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  •  LoBFCanti
Re: Pokemon
Insane Hikki Fan
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山本_passion wrote:
right now im trying to train a pikachu that knows surf from pokemon battle revolution...you have no idea how tough it is at times
dies so fast

Was this thread not purged?I wouldn't be surprised if it was exactly on the first page though...but look how old this thread is!

jesuislm was the last poster <.< I haven't heard from her in half a year.

but on topic,

Does anyone have a spare event Celebi?or could you at least trade it to me and I'll duplicate it and give it back?
Posted on: 2010/4/1 2:05
  •  Jiremi
Re: Pokemon
Hikki Obsessed
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Is anyone else excited about Pokemon Black & White? The new 3-D environments look amazing!
On Sunday, October 17, at 7:53 PM, Utada Hikaru replied to me on Twitter! ♥
Posted on: 2010/6/17 11:16
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