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Re: Does she follow any religion?
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If she really means "No one knows" or "Nobody knows", why did she then include a divine aspect to this? Out of every manner to say "Nobody knows" (everyone ignores, who knows?, the world doesn't know, etc.) , she said that! There might be something with it! Maybe, maybe not! We're not sure about it, but it has to be considered because from what I know, Hikki's writing is always talked with implying thoughts and hidden pictures or information she wants to give to us, just like her last songs: "Show Me Love", "Goodbye Happiness", "Arashi No Megami"... This is to summarize this precise thought: her lyrics are not her just to hide an expression as simple! And, as far as I know, only religious people can say "Only God Knows", if they're not, why would they have to tell this like this? I wouldn't have said if this song was written by many songwriters but everyone know Utada writes alone all of her own songs!

"What I'm saying is believing in any religion is delusional."

That is judging, or what? Since when it became delusional to believe in any religion whereas "religion" thing was here for so long ago! Plus, ever since human kind needs something to rely on, when things are so crazy, meaningless or else incomprehensible. I think it is perfectly based and human! It's like when something wrong happens: you always need a culprit! So...
Delusional? Well, I think it is a very strong word.

Just in the last hour @utadahikaru has been mentioned 11 times, that is one tweet every 5.45 minutes. Earlier it was 14 tweets an hour (one every 4.29 minutes) and 21 tweets an hour (one every 2.86 minutes). Now how many times does she reply or RT an hour? a day? Are you familiar with the concept of statistics and chance? "They are all very random." and "It's just about chance and luck." is exactly my point. Generally though, if I actually cared about her religious views I would ask her, since it only takes a couple seconds to tweet, but I honestly wouldn't expect a reply. ;)

Appart from the people she knows, she randomly answer to other people. It is pretty logical, from what I think. So I utterly agree with these arguments!


Well. Yeah, it seems like religion is still a squeamish subject to treats about, moreover when it comes to Utada's!
But hell yeah, I think she worships Kuma and others Kumas xD At least, it's the only think we're sure of!
Let's knock it off and stop showing the claws, neither she reveals or not, Hikki stays Hikki, and your appreciation of her might not change for so!

Peace! <3

I'm alright with the last post!!
Posted on: 2012/8/13 6:34
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Re: Does she follow any religion?
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Deus ex Machina
Posted on: 2013/9/3 5:33
Re: Does she follow any religion?
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She is what she is. She never really spoke openly about religion, so it doesn't really concern me.
Posted on: 2013/9/13 14:27
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