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  Why do you not like EXODUS?


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Re: Why do you not like EXODUS?
i think these lyrics she wrote is her experience of seeing the urban america, or from watching r-18 movies,,,,,,,
Posted on: 2009/9/11 5:05
  •  kuromaguro
Re: Why do you not like EXODUS?
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I didn't like most of the songs in Exodus right away after i hear it the first time. It felt weird to me at first, but after a few runs through those tracks, i grew to appreciate the work of a genius. Its amazing how she utilise those tunes that most songs these days try to avoid and made it to such a wonderfully COMPLETE song. This album just makes me like hikki more because i admire her for thinking outside the box and trying to work outside her comfort zone.
Posted on: 2009/9/11 9:01
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