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  •  Suroki
Re: Addicting Games......?
Hikki Fanatic
Joined: 2009/4/30
A/S/L 27/F/Delaware
Posts: 127
I got the DS game Rhythm Heaven recently, and it's so addictive! I can't... stop... playing... It's just so accessible because of the minigame format. And the little songs always get stuck in my head. ^_^
Posted on: 2009/9/26 23:05
  •  InS0mN1@c
Re: Addicting Games......?
UtadaNet Regular
Joined: 2009/1/6
A/S/L 17/M/Malaysia
Posts: 25
I've spent 340+ hours on Call of Duty 4 and 300+ hours on Team Fortress 2...addiction? More like obsession lol
Posted on: 2009/9/26 17:40
  •  Josh_Shing
Re: Addicting Games......?
Hikki Obsessed
Joined: 2008/6/21
A/S/L 19/M/Washington
Posts: 828
Tetris is addictive yah. Especially if you're playing against someone like the one on the 360. That's oodles of fun.

For me, what's addicting is playing World War or Ninjas on my itouch. That's just fun for me i guess because i enjoy building up and making a character stronger.

Others are Tekken 5 and CoD 4, . Those i could just play for days. Weeks even. It just doesn't get old sometimes
"Do what you want and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." ~Anonymous
Posted on: 2009/9/26 15:23
  •  ramenbox
Re: Addicting Games......?
Hikki Obsessed
Joined: 2009/9/5
A/S/L 19/F/Malaysia
Posts: 468
Not addictive for me but I've seen people around me getting so addicted to it. Best example would be my grandma. She plays it for hours everyday. She has poor eyesight, it's difficult for her to look at simple close things but I don't know why her eyesight is okay when it comes to Tetris.

Anyways, you must be really good at Tetris! On a random note, can you beat Hikki? I'm not an expert at that game so I don't really know whether she's really fast or her opponents were kinda weak.

Ragnarok Online was really addictive during my highschool years. My butt was literally glued to the chair thanks to that game.
Posted on: 2009/9/26 10:01
  •  Hikki4life4ever
Addicting Games......?
Hikki Obsessed
Joined: 2009/7/9
A/S/L _/Female/Pye Green,UK
Posts: 200
Do You Own Or Think a Certain game is Addictive? I'd personally have to say....Tetris. Once I play, no one and nothing can stop me! XD
Posted on: 2009/9/26 8:40
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