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  New Utada Email from Island Records [2005oct11]


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New Utada Email from Island Records [2005oct11]
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UK Album Hits Stores 10/24!

The UK Version of the Exodus album will be released on October 24th, featuring the single "You Make Me Wanna Be A Man". Utada is touring all over Europe right now to promote the album's release. You can check out a large version of the new cover now at utada.com.

Bid Now On An Autographed Copy of Utada's "Exodus" album!

We're auctioning off a signed copy of Exodus at the Universal Music Store with all proceeds going to the American Red Cross hurricane relief efforts. Click here now to place your bid.

They are talking about this charity auction of the Exodus album.

Twitter: @UtadaNet
Posted on: 2005/10/11 23:54
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