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Re: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Insane Hikki Fan
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kayoko wrote:
i seriously cant beat the leechgrave..pissing me off..every time get inside to hit the chest, it hits me and takes half of my health...any tips possibly canti? is lvl 32 good enough for that mission?

Oh man...You would want to be a little closer to 40,but 32 is manageable.It's gonna be a LONG fight.Brings some cura with you but on auto life and abuse your limit.You can strategically cast cura when you are at the point where you can use you Limit break,start you limit break immediately after and you'll heal while performing it.Cura acts more like Auro-Regen.Magic is pointless in this fight and try not to use a Gear with a LONG aerial combo.Because the Poison will get the best of you that way.You'll know when he is gonna hit you so yeah,stop attacking with you see him look out the coffin and block/Air Slide like hell.He hits twice though.Remember that.I was at 44 and that thing took me around 14 tries -_-.The Poison seeds he shoot you can just block one and all the rest will be blocked.Don't fight the tentaclaws.It's pointless and bring some ethers and Hi-Potions/Elixers and Drive recovery(not necessary but if you make any mistakes and waste a Limit,you'll have no worries).
Posted on: 2009/10/11 8:56
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