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Hikki Obsessed
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So, maybe you have heard of this site, but my friend showed it to me a couple days ago.

I know some of you may say this site is a scam, but my friend was already able to buy something. And he got a shirt. This is not a scam.

Lockerz.com is free site, where you earn PTZ, and then you are able to redeem those PTZ for items, like iPods, cameras, clothes and etc.

In order to join, you must be invited by an existing member. You can become a Z-Lister if you invite 20 people, and earn double the PTZ.

I am reaching out to you, fellow members of Utadanet,that if you are interested, please send me your emails as a PM, and I will invite you, and you will be able to join. I believe we will both benefit :)

I am asking as a friend you guyz :)
Please :)
I need help, because I want to get a FlipHD camera, and I need PTZ

Please you guyz :)
Posted on: 2009/11/5 16:33
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