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  Memorable game scene ?


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Re: Memorable game scene ?
Lol the people I lived with before i moved in with my bf had Super Mario 3 on their Wii. I made the guy play it with me until we beat it 'cuz I had never seen the end before.

I think the end of FF8, 9 and X-2 (perfect) are very sad/sweet.
Posted on: 2009/11/21 14:50
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Re: Memorable game scene ?
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In Kingdom Hearts, the opening scene. Replays all the time

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Posted on: 2009/11/21 23:41
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Re: Memorable game scene ?
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The end of Gungrave.Right when you get the chance to kill Harry,the game pans to this tower top with sunset scenery and clouds racing pass continually in the back ground.Grave points the gun to Harry's head.And guess what?You get to press square to shot him.What made it more awesome is that there is no signal for it or anything.You just have to know.But that game ;as linear as it is; was awesome.When you fought Bunji,absolutely amazing.2003-2004 was an AWESOME year for the PS2.Gungrave.Guilty Gear X2,Zone of the Enders 2,Wrath of Heaven,the first Dot hacks,Silent Hill 3....I can name an memorable moment from all of them.
Posted on: 2009/12/8 19:49
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