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Visualution wrote:

amaya_black_wings wrote:

CrescentLupin9 wrote:

amaya_black_wings wrote:
I was at the FREAKISHLY amazing concert last night!

Squished towards the right side front with a really tall guy standing in front of me and a gay couple going at it next to me, but it was really worth it to actually see Utada for the first time ever : DDD

I was RIDICULOUSLY lucky to be able to get a kuma ball! (It sailed over my head, bounced off a few people, rolled towards my feet, and I snatched it up.) I still glance over to where it's sitting to confirm that it's actually there XDDD

I have pictures of all the stuff I got last night on my livejournal, so here's the link~


Hey i think i know you~! I think you were the girl behind me :"D the one that caught the baseball ne? :"D i was the one with the white beret hat :"D

Congrats on getting that ball~! :3

Oh! Where did you stand? I was close to the right side of the stage, towards the front.

No, I was the girl who stood behind you. You were the girl with the white beret hat. At the beginning of the show, you took off your complementing jacket because it was getting warm. Also, you had a Caucasian friend with long hair who commented about wanting to dive for the ball if he knew it came near him, right? You stood front row center, I was right behind you. I was in a group of five friends, two of which who stood beside you---that I kept hugging while waiting for the show.

Anyway, time to stop sounding like a stalker. :) Nice to meet you online. Name's Felicity.

Here's a picture of the ball that I got. It's a bit different than the other girl's, but that's really nice to know that she customized each Kuma Chang outfit.

Woooow~! Its you~! xD and its no problem you don't sound like a stalker hahahahah xDDDD but your descirption is very funny or somehow it made me smile xD. And its great to meet you Felicity~! :3 My name is Elaine~!. Another note *giggles* the Caucasian friend beside me that talked about the ball is actually my brother 8D and its funny cause he's not caucasian, but is in fact asian, but its ok i just find it funny :DDDD And yes i remember your friends <3 I hope i didn't step on you guys or anything ;w; if i do or shoved/etc i appologize ;A; I know my feet was dead from waiting since 8 something that morning =A=
Posted on: 2010/3/2 18:31
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