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  •  tommy96814
Re: Tommy, etc...
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barried wrote:
I think they didn't allowed photography because for keeping audience comfortability. Who will not get annoyed of watching concert with people in front of you raising their camera in their hands as high as possible for taking pictures?

that still doesn't explain why they wont allow people in the front of the brricade to take photos those, people can just aim their cameras upward without raising their camera up high.

either that or they just want to keep it as exclusive as possible so it doesn't spoil her other other in the flesh tours.
Posted on: 2010/1/17 23:17
  •  a_kikoo
Re: Photography
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I think a lot of people got away with taking pictures at the Hawaii concert, especially people who were in the back or surrounded in the middle by the crowd. There was one magazine website (metromix honolulu) that took a lot of pictures. Maybe they were able to take photos for media. I'm not sure. We sneaked in our camera too but we were dead front center so no chance. Though I wouldn't have given up my spot for anything.
Posted on: 2010/1/17 23:39
  •  ramenbox
Re: Photography
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This is normal. I don't think there are any concerts that permit photos to be taken. No matter how strict or thorough the authorities check, I cannot understand or figure out how fans are able to sneak in cameras. Some even DSLRs. Amazing. Could someone teach me to do it?

Nevertheless I'm looking forward to many photos from the upcoming concerts. I know many hardcore fans will be able to record and take photos.
Posted on: 2010/1/18 2:02
  •  SwallowTail
Re: Photography
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Posted on: 2010/1/26 21:17
  •  Unregistered
Re: Photography
YEAH!!!! sooo many things to say about the pic:
1. Damn she look soo... great
2. WOW!!! honestly... with the mic up high Hikki looks pretty short..
3. Love that teddy she's holding.. ( Kuma chan meets mini kuma )
4. She look so!!!! young i mean like she look the first fove era
5. IS!!!! THAT!!! REALLY HIKKI!!! she's soooO!!!! thin!!!..
Posted on: 2010/1/27 3:33
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