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  •  butthead2k3
Re: Songs By Hikki That Have Grown Onto You
Addicted to Hikki
Joined: 2012/5/7
Posts: 41
Songs i especially like... in no order of preference

1) Goodbye Happiness
2) Arashi No Megami
-haven't really heard of hikaru composing a song similar to the feel of this one
3) First Love
-from the concert, especially Wild Life. It feels and sound different from her album version
4) Can't Wait Till Christmas
5) entire set list from Unplugged

the rest of the stuff which is always on my playlist
1) stay gold
2) time will tell
3) beautiful world
4) celebrate
5) show me love (not a dream)
- can't imagine her with a rocker image though
6) keep tryin
7) nijiiro basu
Posted on: 2012/5/23 1:03
  •  JimJam
Re: Songs By Hikki That Have Grown Onto You
Hikki Obsessed
Joined: 2009/7/28
A/S/L 25 / M / UK
Posts: 225
As with others have said, I loved Exodus from the offset. It's one of my favourite albums, tied with Ultra Blue (I've always loved Utada's experimental side.

Although The Workout took some getting used to. I think the song seemed a bit "awkward" on first listen, but after that I loved it.

A song recently that's REALLY grown on me was "One Night Magic (feat. Yamada Masashi)". I never liked that until recently, despite loving every other track on Ultra Blue.
I was also never really a fan of "traveling". Until recently I never really listened to it, but now I love it.

Also included are:
Stay Gold
Arashi no Megami
Posted on: 2012/5/23 11:01
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