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Re: Utadas "Poppin" used on Vh1!

a_kikoo wrote:

Jiremi wrote:

Alex0821 wrote:

Jiremi wrote:

Dark_Armed_Dragon wrote:
Damn isn't really a cuss word lol.

And I'm older than you if that really is your age.

It's just as much of one as the others.

And you have to manually change your age, so uh, no, it's not my age anymore.

You can say damn on TV. You can't say c**t on TV.

Dark_Armed_Dragon wins.

By the way, for a song about prostitution, Hotel Lobby is incredibly tame. "She needs the extra money" is not a necessarily inappropriate phrase.

Television doesn't dictate. FACT: It's cited/ considered as one, therefore it IS one.

You might not think it is... but a lot of people, many of those being religious people don't use that word.

That is factually inaccurate. Many religious people use the word "damn" constantly to refer to things of which they do not approve, such as gay people, premarital sex, etc, etc. And I'm not even just talking about the Westboro Baptist Church.
Posted on: 2010/4/25 22:08
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