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Re: Maple Story
UN Reporter
Joined: 2009/8/18
A/S/L 26/F
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omg my husband used to play that all the time before we got married.
Posted on: 2010/4/23 20:14
Maple Story
Hikki Obsessed
Joined: 2009/1/8
A/S/L 20/M/California
Posts: 296
I just started playing again (after months of not playing) and would like to make some new friends. MMORPGs get real boring real fast when you're by yourself all the time. If you play in Windia and would like to talk and play together, lemme know. My main is Fuyukie, my mule is KururuTrader and my pirate is CursedSail. Thanks! O_O

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Posted on: 2010/4/23 20:12
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