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  Great disappointments from careless mistakes


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Great disappointments from careless mistakes
Hikki Obsessed
Joined: 2007/8/28
A/S/L In my infinite universe
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There were two occasions when I lost two of Hikki's merchandise.

The first one was when I forgot to remove the cassette of Distance from the player in the car, which was about to be sold. But I still had the cover and the case.

The second time: I found an old videotape of UH1 single collection. I thought it was a dvd. I brought it home and put it in my VHS player. While watching it, the screen suddenly went blank and I saw smoke emitting from the VHS player. I used the wrong voltage. I unplugged it. Now I can't get the tape out of the player. I'm sure only the player is ruined coz the smoke only came from the battery.

It might be devastating to some of you, but I wasn't really upset. I've seen that UH1 tape in the same store on the same shelf. The first time I saw I didn't want it coz I didn't need it, it's just the PV for automatic, first love, addicted to you, time will tell and movin on without you, none directed by Kiriya (her ex-husband). I guess I'm not a collector. I bought it the second time on a impulsive purchase and coz it's been there that long, might as well buy it. There were some moments when I passed up the opportunity to buy her albums that I didn't have. I did not consider the possibility that some fans here don't have that luxury and so didn't appreciate it. I just didn't need them and I am also a cheapskate.

Any of you had anything similar happen? please share
Deus ex Machina
Posted on: 2010/4/28 4:46
  •  percypenn
Re: Great disappointments from careless mistakes
Hikki Obsessed
Joined: 2008/12/19
A/S/L tmp
Posts: 204
you can still get the UH1 tape out. you only need to disassemble the VHS player and unwind the tape from inside. you got to have a lot of patience but it will come off eventually.

Posted on: 2010/4/28 12:19
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