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Q about Hikki's first vocals in a released song
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Email from Tim, Quote:
just curious about Hikaru's earliest recordings. You say she did backing vocals on her parents recordings from the age of 6 or 7, but that her contribution to the U3 album "Star" was a cover illustration and lyrics to a couple of songs? So what and when was the first release to which she contributed vocals and/or played an instrument? Thanks, Tim.

First song:
Track 6: "THANK YOU"
Hikki was under the pseudonym "H?IKASO U."
Hikki and her mother wrote the lyrics.
The album was released when she was 10, in 1993.

First vocals:
Single: "TSUMETAI TSUKI -NAKANAIDE- with Golden Era", on both tracks i believe. (Im sure about 'Golden Era')
released in 1996
She did vocals with her mother.
Posted on: 2010/7/23 4:10
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