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Re: What
2NE1 is trying too hard

HMV Online has released some exciting and interesting information about 2NE1 and their efforts in Japan.

According to HMV, the girls of 2NE1 are scheduled to release a special ?To Anyone? album under AVEX / Rhythm Zone in Japan on December 8th. Something of immediate notice is that there will be a bonus track on the album titled ?FUCK YOU?. No, I?m not kidding, here?s a screen shot on HMV:

There will be 2 editions of the album, a regular edition which will be 2 CD?s consisting of 20 tracks (including (censored) YOU) and will cost 3059 yen (around $37). There will also be a special limited edition which will not only include the 2 CD?s consisting of 20 tracks (including (censored) YOU) but also a special Bonus DVD containing 2NE1?s music videos. This will be priced at 3990 yen (around $48).

HMV declares this as the debut of 2NE1 in Japan and describes the girls as having overwhelming powerful music with charismatic performances that can?t be compared with any other girl groups. HMV also states that most of their fans are females and in Japan, they?re popular with the middle and high school girls along with BIGBANG fans.

Interesting news, especially with the name of the bonus track, I wonder how the reaction to that is going to be. Either way, it?s pretty exciting.

Did YG learn nothing from Taeyang's T-shirt scandal?

[UPDATE] AVEX to release 2NE1 special album in Japan with a bonus (censored) You?

[UPDATE] According to a representative from YG Entertainment Japan, the information posted by HMV Online is not valid and YG is currently investigating the situation on why HMV posted this information.

The representative also stated that HMV will post an apology with an explanation on why they posted the misinformation.

HMV has removed all the information from their website.



So, is this what Avex is up to?
Posted on: 2010/10/9 19:06
Re: What
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^ IMO, you cannot really say that 2ne1 is trying waay too hard because YG and AVEX are not the only company that uses that strategy. Agencies nowadays uses these new artists to gain profit. But didn't really cared about their artists. They can only gain artistic freedom if they move out and start a brand new path.

Utada Hikaru made my day on October 24, 2010 at exactly 6pm (Philippine time)
Posted on: 2010/10/9 22:20
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Re: What
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I believe Koda was more earnest in actually wanting to put out good music. Her first album was solid J-Urban/R&B. But, she didn't sell, so avex decided to amp up the sexy and use constant gimicks to promote her, and it worked. It's really quite sad, because I like Koda as a person, but her music and style is just totally fake. I'm not saying Koda is being forced into a position she is uncomfortable with or doesn't support, but I do think her current position definitely compromises her artistry.
It's really hard to say that Ayumi is some kind of artist. She's a pop-rock Madonna. It's really hard to say "Oh yeah, she's artistic", when it's all spectacle with little to no substance. People like Utada and Shiina are on completely different levels than her.
Misono may also get a lot of artistic freedom because she doesn't sell well at all, so avex doesn't really care what she does because it won't matter.
EMI were dicks to Shiina, but it's also because they took a huge gamble on her. She makes excellent music, but she isn't mainstream and she isn't marketable.

2NE1 IS trying way too hard. They are the biggest mistake YG has ever made. Their watered-down pop music (that people still INSIST is hip-hop despite NOT BEING ANYTHING LIKE HIP-HOP) is just crap, and their "image" is tiresome. No, wearing a lot of Jeremy Scott designs does not make you artistic.
And God, CL. The K-Pop community just goes on and on and on and on about how amazing CL is, how great of a rapper she is, how perfect her english is, how she sings so great, when she is really is just all around mediocre. Miryo and T are much better rappers than her. She does everything decently, and nothing too well.
Posted on: 2010/10/10 19:20
  •  JayUtada
Re: What
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I am actually a fan of 2NE1 lol. Their music is...refreshing, and I like that they are trying to be bad asses and not the normal cutesy role.

I have to agree about CL though. She's not THAT great. Maybe She's the best the K pop industry has? I mean, she does speak great English, so perhaps she's their biggest shot for going international.
Posted on: 2011/9/29 0:07
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