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  Lin Yu Chun's cover of First Love


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Lin Yu Chun's cover of First Love
Hikki Obsessed
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You may have heard of Lin Yu Chun. He got famous early this year and gained worldwide attention when he sang Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You on a Taiwanese talent competition. On Nov. 20, he performed on Japanese TV station TBS. The songs he performed were I Will Always Love You and (surprise!) our own Hikki's First Love. lol And the crowd went crazy when the familiar melody started up.

Here's the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SUrqhDTybM

Obviously he can sing, but as many of you may notice, he sounds like a woman.
Posted on: 2010/11/22 18:15
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Re: Lin Yu Chuns cover of First Love
UN Reporter
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Well, at least he has the balls to take on such a difficul--

...oh wait......

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Posted on: 2010/11/22 19:03
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