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Re: Show Me Love (Not a Dream) lyrics
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utada4251 wrote:
Thank you a_kikoo! I'm guessing you can read and translate Japanese into English, right? That's awesome! I would love to learn how to read it.

Well, a_kikoo is Japanese. lol.

If you really wish to learn, for basics here are some sites: www.japaneseclass.jp (vocabularies & kanji reading) http://japanese.about.com and watch the videos of the user "Aploosh" on youtube. 50+ episodes of Japanese lessons. Japanesepod101.com offers good tutorials and you'll have a 1-1 tutor. but it's not free.

Utada Hikaru made my day on October 24, 2010 at exactly 6pm (Philippine time)
Posted on: 2010/11/27 16:24
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Re: Show Me Love (Not a Dream) lyrics
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Thanks! I really appreciate that SoulHunter14! :)
Posted on: 2010/11/27 22:14
Re: Show Me Love (Not a Dream) lyrics
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Posted on: 2010/11/30 18:07
Re: Show Me Love (Not a Dream) lyrics
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Here is a better translation, I would think!! :O

I'm gonna post a new thread to know what you guys think about the real meaning of that song!
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Posted on: 2013/6/15 0:32
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