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  •  1994China
Re: "BLUE" and "Teiku 5"!
UtadaNet Newbie
Joined: 2008/5/29
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When BLUE played, I was quite maudlin.
Best version ever, especially the beginning rise in vocals.
I was sad that she struggled on some of the vocals though; I want her to take the break, even though I would never say that as a fan.
I saw her crying! It was so..moving.

Best performance of the night, and ?Show me Love? was a good succeeding song.
Going to miss you, Hikki, a lot.
Posted on: 2010/12/9 10:57
  •  Aldyrr♥U
Re: "BLUE" and "Teiku 5"!
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Joined: 2010/12/9
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new here.... but was lurking on this site for the longest of time now... blue is my most favorite Hikki song, when I read that it'sa part of the songs that's gonna be sang during the concert was ecstatic and worried at the same time... considering that this is a very difficult song, was surprised that hikki did justice to blue... considering that now a days she's having vocal issues and this was the first she sang blue live, was in awe when I watched and hear'd her BLUE performance was really great ♥
Posted on: 2010/12/9 21:54
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