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  NHK Documentary - Utada Hikaru Ima no Watashi


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Re: NHK Documentary - Utada Hikaru Ima no Watashi
Hikki Obsessed
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lumad wrote:
I just thought of something, anyone knows the reaction of her critics in Japan regarding her voice quality recently? I mean here we are, exchanging thoughts about her, telling our opinions to each other, people from Japan surely feel something about it too. right?

lol I think only us fans argue about her voice quality. I think that applies to all fans of any artist, though.
Posted on: 2011/1/17 17:32
Re: NHK Documentary - Utada Hikaru Ima no Watashi
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back on topic please

Twitter: @UtadaNet
Posted on: 2011/1/17 23:57
  •  utada_loves_me
Re: NHK Documentary - Utada Hikaru Ima no Watashi
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On topic:

Loved the live performances of Show Me Love (Not a Dream) and Goodbye Happiness!!!
Posted on: 2011/1/18 12:29
  •  Pips_Paradise
Re: NHK Documentary - Utada Hikaru Ima no Watashi
Insane Hikki Fan
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Oh my god, had Moses been a girl, forget about the Ten Commandments, out would go honesty, love, companionship, passion!!!!

At Sinai around 620BC, Exodus 21-23 contains the laws widely known as "Book of the Covenant", however important revelations were left out and not named until Utada?s ?Exodus? Circa 2004 AD, and commentated at the Wildlife concert extravaganza, highlighted in the NHK Documentary - Utada Hikaru Ima no Watashi .....

And the message is ....."It?s a Shoe Thang", Hikki loves shoes, pumps, scandals ,wedges, platforms, espadrilles, slingbacks, round toes, ?in your face? boots, nothing more sexy, I swear hikki was sporting a serious pair of Herchcovitch Wedges with a scoop high heel, known for their characteristic ?hum? of bubble gum, your feet not only feel sweet but smell sweet throughout the day.

Personally I would have "wedded" them with LNA Ripped Zipper Leggings in Flat Black, which would have sat fine with that gorgeous, vibrant red backless dress.



Exodus Black Heels....Yum Yum ...


I am eagerly awaiting a full subbed version of ?Utada Hikaru Ima no Watashi?, as I cannot trust my sisters version, honestly after witnessing a guy asking her out at college canteen on Friday and she retorted,? Sorry, but my leprosy is acting up again, are you going to eat those chips?.......

I thought no way I am going to post her translation!!....
Posted on: 2011/1/31 7:56
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