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  SPACE SHOWER 2011 Video Awards nominee revealed


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SPACE SHOWER 2011 Video Awards nominee revealed
Hikki Obsessed
Joined: 2010/8/15
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So Hikki's directorial debut with the "Goodbye Happiness" PV nominated her as director for best "Conceptual Video", and I'm hoping she wins (the whole concept of a YouTube video as a PV in addition to the many little details for the fans makes it a great 'conceptual video', imo). But of course, there are other categories. Let's discuss who we think/want to win.


I haven't seen many of these, but in the "Female Video" category, I'd definitely want Ayumi Hamasaki's "Virgin Road" video to win. It's a really epic video, and it's the first Ayu song I've liked this much since I heard "Voyage" years ago (I don't really keep up with her music so much lol). Also, for "Rock Video" and "Shooting Video" I would choose RADWIMPS and Sakanaction (the concept behind both videos is very similar and I think it's pretty awesome).
Posted on: 2011/2/1 14:26
  •  SwallowTail
Re: Your choices for the SPACE SHOWER Video Awards
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Well i like Hikki's Goodbye Happiness won in Conceptual Video nomination at Space Shower 2011 Awards. Other artist were Monkey Majik (Sakura), for male and female nomination for now no idea havent listen nor watch the video. I better watch the vid first
Posted on: 2011/2/1 14:37
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