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Hikaru on Earthquake and Tsunami
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From EMI:

Following the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami in Japan earlier this month, recording artist Hikaru Utada has posted a message on her website giving thanks for the international support shown to Japan at this incredibly sad and difficult time:

On March 11, a massive earthquake and tsunami hit North Japan, taking the lives of countless people, leaving many survivors homeless, in the cold, with no gas, no electricity, no running water, and in fear of radiation leaking from a nuclear power plant.

This is the biggest natural disaster recorded in Japanese history in a thousand years.

After the earthquake I gave 400 ml of my blood to a blood bank, and made a donation to Japan?s Red Cross. At times like these, we need to help one another, do what we can the each of us. Please help Japan, it doesn?t matter how much you give. One way to make a donation is through your country?s Red Cross, by specifying its use for Japan?s earthquake and tsunami victims.

There is something we can all learn from what is happening in Japan. For decades we have depended on nuclear power. It has made possible quick economic growth and a ?convenient? society, but also a lifestyle that is very wasteful.

This catastrophe has made many of us in Japan realize that we have been taking many things for granted?food, energy, daily supplies, running water, resources, life.

You don?t have to wait until you lose everything, to learn that what you have is precious. If we all save energy, use only what we need, and live responsibly for what we consume, we can make the world a safer, more peaceful place, for us all.

All of us in Japan are very grateful, we are all touched deeply, by the support we have received from overseas. Thank you. I wish you all love, and peace.

Hikaru Utada
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Posted on: 2011/4/7 22:11
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