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Songs meaning
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I know there's already a topic about fauvorite quotes form Utada's songs, but I haven't found any topic about lyrics' interpretation. Do you find lyrics very important? I usually do, sometimes bad lyrics may screw the song, but sometimes they aren't that important.

Just as music, Utada's lyrics have improved. Songs aren't as naive as they were on First Love. Of course, love is still main theme, but not always (Take 5, the best expample). English albums are more mainstream, but look at This One (Crying Like a Child) - written just like a letter. Kremlin Dusk references to Allan Edgar Poe, but i don't get what is this all about (can you help me?). The only idea I have, it's about making a choice ("opposite directions"), dealing with the past and living on your wn (tou couldn't help me any-anymore"). What do you think about Hikki's lyrics?
Posted on: 2011/7/21 4:11
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