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help with avatar
UtadaNet Newbie
Joined: 2011/7/25
A/S/L 19/m
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hi im new and i was wondering how to put up a pic that isnt on the list
Posted on: 2011/7/25 11:58
  •  GIGAcorrupt
Re: help with avatar
Insane Hikki Fan
Joined: 2008/3/1
A/S/L Potato. Genderless. Underground
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If I'm not mistaken we have a thread were you can ask for help. You should always look around or PM Q (Administrator[or or moderators])rather than making a thread that will easily be solved, thus avoiding creating dead spaces around the forums.

To answer your question; We usually have a "Avatar Change" time. I believe we have this system to avoid an "overload" by not allowing members to change avatars randomly at any given time.

For the time being, you can either choose one of the preset avatars, or wait for Avatar session, which most likely won't happen any time soon.

Also, since this is your first post. You need to reach a certain number of posts for you to be able to upload your own Avatar when Avatar session happens to open up.


Welcome to the forums!!
Posted on: 2011/7/25 18:58
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